About CentralOps.net

This site is a collection of Internet utilities developed by Hexillion.

Frequently Asked Questions

May I link to your utilities from my site?
Yes. Please do.
May I frame your utilities on my site?
May I run scripts against your utilities?
Only if you have a paid account. Bear in mind that the utilities are designed for interactive human use, and the underlying HTML layouts may change without notice.
I use your utilities all the time but sometimes run into the usage limit. How can I get more usage?
Currently we limit anonymous, free usage to 50 queries per day. To get more usage than that, you can get an account.
Do you keep logs of who uses the utilities and what they enter on the input forms?
So far, we are only keeping standard web server logs. That means we keep records of what IP address uses what utility at what time. However, we usually don't keep any record of the input parameters. The only time we can see parameters is when you put the parameters in the URL (i.e., a GET request). The URL will end up in the regular server log.